Unified Post Processor (UPP) for WRF | Download

Preferred Download Method

The UPP software is now available on Github starting with UPP version 4.1.0, and is the preferred method for obtaining the code. To clone the repository:

  git clone -b dtc_post_v4.1.0 --recurse-submodules https://github.com/NOAA-EMC/EMC_post UPPV4.1

which will clone the v4.1 community release into a directory named UPPV4.1.

External Libraries Needed To Build UPP

  • GRIB2 for outputting GRIB2 format.
  • NetCDF for reading netcdf format files.
  • NCEPlibs containing the required libraries for building UPP. 

External Utilities Suggested For Use With UPP

  • GEMPAK for plotting and visualizing output from UPP.
  • GrADS for plotting and visualizing output from UPP.