MET Version 8.1.2

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Release Date:

The MET Version 8.1.2 was released on October 31, 2019.

Release Notes

Release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix:

Bugfixes Included:

  • Fix Wavelet-Stat bug when writing NetCDF output files (#1211).
  • Fix python-embedding for probability data (#1210).
  • Fix Point-Stat cnt_thresh logic where climo standard deviation values are not correct (#1208).
  • Fix ASCII2NC return value for errors (#1207).
  • Fix Grid-Stat attributes for NetCDF output XGRAD/YGRAD variables (#1206).
  • Fix PB2NC deriviation of CAPE (#1167).
  • Fix Ensemble-Stat error when writing ORANK NetCDF output file (#1198).
  • Correct the Brier Score documentation in Appendix C (#1196).
  • Fix Grid-Stat error checking for the number of verification fields (#1195).
  • Fix compilation problem with rpl_malloc in config.h (#1171).
  • Fix python-embedding scaling of longitude values when parsing grid information¬†(#1180).
  • Fix equality checking for rotated lat/lon grids (#1170).
  • Fix TC-Pairs parsing of suffix=string (#1166).
  • Fix auto-regridding of masking regions (#1163).
  • Fix PB2NC handling of the ANOWPM message type (#1162).
  • Write met_config temporary files to the tmp_dir location instead of the current working directory (#1161).