Coordinated METplus Version 2.1

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Release Date:

The Coordinated METplus Version 2.1 was released on July 8, 2019.

Release Notes

Release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix:

Bugfixes Included:

  • Fix MET to correctly handle the updated "V8.1.1" version number (#1153).
  • Interpret the NetCDF COARDS convention as being CF-compliant (#1155).
  • Update list of GRIB2 vertical level types (#1159).
  • Fix to handle GRIB2 PDS Template number 46 (#1160).
  • Bugfix for memory leak in vx_data2d_grib2 library (#1157).
  • Bugfix for uninitialized variables in pb2nc and regrid_data_plane (#1156).
  • Bugfix for swapped lat/lon dimensions in regrid_data_plane GOES-16 output (#1152).
  • Bugfix for time slicing of NetCDF files (#1147).
  • Bugfix for segfault in Grid-Stat when reading climo_mean data (#1146).
  • Bugfix for header array index when computing time summaries in PB2NC (#1137).
  • Bugfix for ALPHA=NA in the GRAD output line type from Grid-Stat (#1131).
  • Bugfix for the OBJECT_ID column in the 2D ASCII output files from MTD (#1128).
  • Fix compilation problems for GNU 6.3.0 and later versions (#1139).
  • Minor corrections to the user's guide (#1150).