Community GSI Version 3.6 and EnKF Version 1.2

Release Date:

The Community GSI Version 3.6 and EnKF Version 1.2 was released on September 19, 2017.

Release Notes

  • This version GSI code is based on revision r1861 of the GSI community trunk, last updated on September 19th of 2017. 

    The community GSI code, in addition to the features/tools from previous releases, contains more community-friendly features such as:

    • A separate directory called dtc/ which contains all the files needed for compile and run GSI and EnKF as a community version. 
    • Added support for WRF Chem analysis, including sample run script and GSI namelist for both WRF-Chem and CMAQ applications 
    • Updated and more sample run scripts for regional and global applications, and with the capability to be used as observation operators for regional and global EnKF applications (under ./dtc/run) 
    • Scripts to generate namelists for regional and global GSI/EnKF applications (under ./dtc/run) 


The comGSI V3.6 has been successfully tested with the following compiler versions

For PGI compiler

PGI pgf90 versions: V15.7, V16.5, V17.5

For Intel compiler

Intel ifort versions: V15.0.3, V16.0.3, V17.0.1

For GNU compiler

Gfortran versions: V5.4.0

On-line tutorials

Known Issues and Fixes

Version 3.6 of the community GSI release has been tested successfully tested with the following compilers:

  • Intel; V17.0.1, 16.0.3, 15.0.3, 14.02
  • PGI; 17.5, 16.5, 15.7
  • GNU; 5.4.0 only

Currently it is known that GSI crashes under Intel v18.0+. This is due to a compiler bug in Intel v18+. We had reported the bug to Intel and Intel is intended to release a fix in v18.3+. We had made a workaround solution which can solve this crash. You may wait for intel v18.3+ or download our work-around fix here comGSIv3.6_EnKFv1.2-R1 tar ball