Ensemble Kalman Filter System (EnKF) | User Support

This website for the community GSI/EnKF is provided by the Developmental Testbed Center. Support includes:

  • Provide a list of known issues and FAQs
  • Host the GSI-EnKF User Support Forum
  • Offer a GSI and EnKF online tutorial
  • Assist community researchers with contributing code to the GSI repository (Code Contribution)
  • Test and port the GSI system on multiple platforms, in collaboration with code developers

Beginning 1 October 2021, the DTC data assimilation team will discontinue their support for inquiries on the GSI/EnKF support forum, and by the end of December 2021 will cease all activities supporting the GSI/EnKF user community. 

Most assets built by DTC over the past 10 years for GSI/EnKF community support will remain available and fixed in a useable way going forward, including the websites, online tutorial materials, and documentation. The GSI-EnKF User Forum will remain online as an archive of information as well as a space for the user community to interact, though DTC will not actively respond to inquiries.

DTC would like to take this opportunity to thank community users for using GSI/EnKF as your tools to advance data assimilation theories and applications. It has been an honor to be part of this advancement for the past ten years.