Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) | Developer Info

Developer information for CCPP

This page is intended as the first source for developers who wish to contribute innovations to the CCPP parameterizations and/or framework. Here you will find links to the most current design documents and technical guides.

Getting Started

There are two documents that will help get you started. The SCM Users Guide explains how to setup, compile and run a simple test case using the SCM. The CCPP Technical Documentation  explains how to both modify an atmospheric core and physics packages in order to function with the CCPP framework. The latest version of these documents can be found on the documents page.

Code Access

Casual users should obtain the official code release from the download page of the CCPP users website. The official code releases contain the most stable, well-tested, and fully documented code.

Developers will want to use the project's GitHub repositories in order to obtain the latest development code.  The two documents listed above are updated in the code repositories (scm and ccpp-doc) and can be constructed with the latest content.  Please refer to instructions contained in the repositories.

Code repositories

The repository directory contains all code and data required to run the CCPP SCM. It is functionally separated into three subdirectories representing the SCM model infrastructure:

  • SCM model infrastructure (scm directory)
  • CCPP infrastructure (ccpp/framework directory)
  • CCPP physics schemes (ccpp/physics directory)

The source for the CCPP Technical Documentation  is in a separate repository:

The entire ccpp-scm repository resides in NCAR's GitHub organization space, The ccpp-framework and ccpp-physics directories are git submodules that point to repositories also in NCAR's GitHub space.