DTC Charter

The responsibilities for the operation of the DTC are described in the DTC Charter. The DTC management plan is based on a hierarchical structure of boards and committees whose members represent the interests of the NWP community.  The Terms of Operation (TOO) defines how the DTC operates.  

DTC Executive Committee

The DTC EC, which is composed of representatives from both the research and operational units of the modeling community, provides executive oversight for the DTC.

Bill Mahoney, NCAR
Anil Rao, Air Force
Brian Gross, NOAA/NWS
Jennifer Mahoney, NOAA/OAR

DTC Management Board

The DTC Management Board assists the DTC Director in preparing the AOP, annual budget, the selection of codes for testing, and proposals for multi-year code testing and evaluation projects.


Louisa Nance, DTC Director


Jian-Wen Bao, OAR
Curtis Alexander, OAR
Jamese Sims, NWS
Ivanka Stajner, NWS


Michael Ek
Chris Davis

Air Force

Jeff Cetola
Kurtis Schubeck

DTC Science Advisory Board

The DTC Science Advisory Board assists the DTC Director in shaping the strategic direction and objectives for the DTC.

Xuguang Wang, University of Oklahoma
Evan Kuchera, US Air Force
Robert Pincus, University of Colorado
Zhaoxia Pu, University of Utah
Todd Hutchinson, WSI
Andrew Gettelman, NCAR
Alex Reinecke, NRL
Mian Chin, NASA
Gretchen Mullendore, University of North Dakota
Yannick Tremolet, JCSDA
Yvette Richardson, Penn State University
Clark Evans, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Hui-Ya Chuang, EMC
Michael Toy, CIRES & GSL
Robert Hallberg, GFDL
Israel Jirak, SPC
Christiane Jablonowski, University of Michigan