Software Release: UPP V9.0.1 Release


The Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) is pleased to announce the release of the Unified Post Processor Version 9.0.1. This is a bug fix release for UPP V9.0.0.  This release can be used in standalone mode and is also the version used as the post processor component of the UFS Short Range Weather (SRW) Application.

 Release Notes

Updates are minor and do not change code or results:

  • Fix run_upp script bug with fhrs in output filename

  • Update documentation to add missing link to output variable table and add missing satellite fields.

User Support

Support for the UPP is provided to the community by the Developmental Testbed Center.

User help questions may be posted to the online UFS forum:

Questions may also be posted the GitHub repository Discussions Board:

The UPP Users' Guide for this release can be found at:

Download Information:

The preferred method for obtaining the code is to clone the release from GitHub.  Please visit the download page for links and more release information:

This release is the result of the joint efforts of NOAA/NCEP and DTC through the support of NOAA and the National Science Foundation (NSF). We would like to thank contributors from NCEP, the DTC, and from the user community who have contributed to this release. 

Best Regards,

The UPP Team