Software Release: UPP V11.0.0 Release

This release represents a major effort to refactor the UPP code to implement a 2-Dimensional decomposition capability.  This development was led by UPP developers at NOAA’s Environmental Modeling Center (EMC) with funding through the Hurricane Supplemental funding line.  Please see the Users Guide in links below for details on how to use this capability.  

Release Highlights:

  • Capability added to decompose grids in both x- and y-directions.

  • 1D (y-direction only) decomposition is still available.

  • Identical results are expected for 1D vs 2D.

  • Testing indicated no deterioration in run time and in many cases reduction in run time for existing configurations/applications.

  • Further timing improvement expected especially for larger domains.

  • Support for this feature has been implemented in offline standalone UPP and inline UPP.

  • 2D decomposition is only supported for UFS based model outputs.

User Support

User help questions may be posted to the online UFS forum:

Questions may also be posted to the GitHub repository Discussions Board:

The UPP Users' Guide for this release can be found at:

Download Information:

The preferred method for obtaining the code is to clone the release from GitHub.  Please visit the download page for links and more release information:

Best Regards,

The UPP Teams at EMC and DTC