PROUD Award - Excellence in Action

Gerard Ketefian, Research Scientist III CU/CIRES and NOAA GSL

February 23 2023

Gerard Ketefian works for CU/CIRES at NOAA GSL and contributes to four DTC projects: Unified Forecast System (UFS) Short-Range Weather Application (SRW) software support & community engagement, DTC activities in support of community involvement with the UFS, Agile Rapid Refresh Forecast System (RRFS) prototype Testing and Evaluation (T&E), and Optimizing Ensemble Design for Use in the RRFS.

Gerard has taken the lead in the submission of a massive METplus-related contribution to the UFS SRW Application repository to revamp the verification piece in the SRW workflow. Gerard has taken initiative to learn the nuanced capabilities of METplus and how it aligns with the workflow. This demands the flexibility to wear both science and technology hats. These improvements, including the capability to time-lag ensembles, will not only benefit internal DTC teams, but will also benefit the community at large. While this work has been quite the endeavor, Gerard has accomplished this with an infectious positive attitude, and has gladly incorporated feedback from other team members.

As a versatile staff member, Gerard has continuously embraced new challenges and opportunities within the DTC. Any project would benefit from his extensive knowledge and energetic work ethic. It is a pleasure to have Gerard as a team member in the DTC.

Proud Award

Man Zhang, Research Scientist II CU/CIRES and NOAA GSL

November 14 2022

Man Zhang works for CU/CIRES at NOAA GSL and contributes to three DTC projects: Testing and Evaluation of Unified Forecast System (UFS) Physics for Operations, Toward a Unified Physics Package for the UFS Applications, and CCPP Software Support & Community Engagement.

Man has gone above and beyond the call of duty to mentor a student during the Summer of 2022. It all started when she wrote about an idea for a short project, which caught the eye of CU Denver undergraduate student Jessica Paredes Saltijeral, a sophomore pursuing a degree in physics. Man helped Jessica broaden her understanding of numerical weather prediction models, observations of the Earth System, and forecast verification. Given the virtual nature of the internship, as dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Man fostered close continuity with Jessica via remote collaboration tools such as Google Meet and Drive. They collaborated on comparisons of model forecasts against satellite observations. This involved physics testing for the GFS/GEFS, relevant for the project Testing and Evaluation of UFS Physics for Operations.  Jessica presented their results at a mini conference organized by CU/CIRES, the entity that sponsored the internship. They also prepared an abstract that was accepted for the AMS Student Conference in Denver, CO in 2023. Throughout this partnership, Man generously shared her expertise, thereby making a profound difference in the career (and life) of a young scientist. The experience may have been just as rewarding for Man, as evidenced by her willingness to take a new student in 2023!

Man achieved a number of additional noteworthy accomplishments in the last year. She assumed the leadership of two DTC activities (Testing and Evaluation of UFS Physics for Operations and Toward a Unified Physics Package for the UFS Applications), was a member of the DTC retreat committee, was an organizer of the CU/CIRES Rendezvous, and was promoted to CU/CIRES supervisor.

Man has made a powerful difference in a new scientist, all while taking on new roles and responsibilities in her everyday projects. Her hard work, extensive knowledge, and overall excellence has made a significant impact in the research community and the people she works with. We are very fortunate to have her in the DTC!

Man Zhang, Research Scientist II CU/CIRES and NOAA GSL