Software Release: METplus v5.1 Coordinated Release

The DTC is pleased to announce the release of the multi-component verification framework called the enhanced Model Evaluation Tools (METplus), or METplus. METplus contains a suite of Python wrappers and ancillary scripts to enhance the user's ability to quickly set-up and run MET. METplus also has an analysis suite including METviewer and METexpress user interfaces and METdataio, METcalcpy, and METplotpy as shared packages for loading and storing MET output as well as aggregating and plotting results. This coordinated release includes:

METplus Analysis Suite, comprised of:

Visit the DTC website to find code, online tutorials, video trainings, documentation, and discussion support for all components of METplus.


METplus Wrappers

Updated Framework:

  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4
  • Update use cases to use new Python directory structure in MET
  • Add support for new multivariate MODE settings

Updated Wrappers:

  • TCDiag (beta)

New use cases:

  • Multi-Variate MODE (MvMODE)
  • Read in Argo profile data netCDF files for use in METplus with python embedding
  • PANDA-C: Cloud verification using Satellites
  • PointStat AMDAR PBLH with python embedding
  • Space-time cross-spectra for S2S forecasts


Updated Capability:

  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4.
  • Enhance the MET point processing tools to read the Python ‘point_data’ variable instead of just ‘met_point_data’.
  • Enhance Gen-Vx-Mask shapefile masking to support multiple shapes and specify shape metadata.
  • Enhance TC-Stat to write the RIRW job CTC/CTS output to a .stat output file.
  • Enhance TC-Pairs to disable the output of consensus track members.
  • Enhance TC-Pairs to derive the full circle wind radius from the wind radius quadrants.

New Grid Support:

  • Add support for the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area grids

New Diagnostics:

  • Enhance Multivariate MODE (MvMODE) to generate object statistics for each input field requested by the user.
  • Create an initial development version of a new TC-Diag tool to support the computation of tropical cyclone diagnostics.

METplus Analysis Suite

  • Upgrade to using Python 3.10.4

METviewer: New Dockerfile that creates a single image with database and METviewer in it. Can be used to create a Singularity image

  • Create skew-T (sounding) plots from TC-Diag ASCII output.
  • Convert plot_tcmp.R plotting to Python.
  • Updated Analysis tools to handle TC-RMW functionality.

Support for US-based HPCs:  Over the next week, METplus 5.0 and components will be installed on several US-based high performance computing platforms (e.g. Cheyenne, Jet, Hera, WCOSS2, and Stampede) to make it more accessible to both the research and operations community.  Please see the list of existing builds. Additionally, an Amazon Web Service (AWS) Machine Image (AMI) will be made available for use with data hosted on AWS. NOTE: METviewer and METexpress are intended to be installed on your local server.

Citations:  You may use our Zenodo DOIs when citing the entire METplus system, or MET if that is all you used of the system.




Save these dates:  METplus Advanced Training Series restarts in October 2023.  Sign up for updates on the METplus Website.