Software Release: METplus v4.1.0 Coordinated Release

The DTC is pleased to announce the release of the multi-component verification framework called the enhanced Model Evaluation Tools (METplus), or METplus. METplus contains a suite of Python wrappers and ancillary scripts to enhance the user's ability to quickly set-up and run MET. METplus also has an analysis suite including METviewer and METexpress user interfaces and METdatadb, METcalcpy, and METplotpy as shared packages for loading and storing MET output as well as aggregating and plotting results. This coordinated release includes:

METplus Analysis Suite, comprised of:

Highlights – 3 new tool wrappers, 19 new Use Cases, 7 new statistics, Ensemble-Stat split into Gen-Ens-Prod and Ensemble Stat, new ensemble evaluation capability, significant increases in support for Python Embedding, added functionality to TC tools, the inclusion of Multivariate MODE (MvMODE) configuration options, lots of new S2S and Marine/Cryosphere diagnostic methods, a complete transition to Python for aggregation and plotting in METviewer (via METcalcpy and METplotpy), and the inclusion of a new MODE application in METexpress. Please visit the METplus Training Series Agenda and Recordings page – Session 13 dropdown to see a recording and overview presentation.  Sessions 1-12 are also posted and freely available for viewing and training.

Support for US-based HPCs:  Over the next week, METplus 4.1.0 and components will be installed on several US-based high performance computing platforms (e.g. Cheyenne, Jet, Hera, WCOSS, and Stampede) to make it more accessible to both the research and operations community.  Please see the list of existing builds. NOTE: METviewer and METexpress are intended to be installed on your local server.

Save these dates:  1st DTC METplus Users’ Workshop – Jun 27-29, held virtually

Photo Credit: Lisa Hebert with Oak Tree Images