PROUD Award - Excellence in Action: HOWARD SOH, Software Engineer III, NSF NCAR RAL & DTC

Performance Recognition for OUtstanding DTC achievements (PROUD) Award
February 27, 2024

Howard Soh is a Software Engineer III with the NSF NCAR Research Applications Laboratory who contributes to the development and support of the Model Evaluation Tools (MET) statistical component of the METplus system at the DTC.

Howard splits his time between the National Security Applications Program (NSAP) and the Joint Numerical Testbed (JNT), but his contributions to METplus far exceed expectations for that allocation. He is a fully engaged and active member of the METplus team and is a leader in several critical aspects of MET: SonarQube static code analysis, Python embedding, NetCDF APIs, point observation data ingest, and adding support for unstructured grids. Howard also monitors the METplus Discussions forum, where users submit questions for help, and provides his expertise when needed. He often answers the questions via email or Slack well before the person monitoring Discussions for that day has even read the question!

The DTC is proud to recognize Howard for consistently demonstrating excellent technical ability, initiative, communication, and leadership skills with all of his team members. He is not only a talented software engineer on the METplus team, but is also eager to lead new development tasks, takes a proactive approach in supporting customers, is friendly and approachable, and is always happy to help the team.

Thank you, Howard, for all the work you do for your DTC colleagues, partners, and customers!