Announcement: DTC Workshop on Integrating Cloud and Container Technologies into University Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Curriculum

Are you a professor teaching a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) class or who has been wanting to integrate aspects of NWP into your curriculum? Have you wanted to give your students hands-on, practical NWP experience but never had the resources? This workshop is for you!

The DTC will be hosting a virtual workshop focused on connecting with the university community in order to integrate cloud and container technologies into a classroom setting as a way to give students experience with NWP software. With greater accessibility to large cloud compute resources in addition to containerized components that decrease the burden of the initial startup process, these tools promote an innovative teaching tool to integrate NWP directly into a course curriculum using hands-on learning. Not only that, they provide the opportunity to foster an interest and excitement in NWP while educating the next-generation workforce!

For this workshop, we are targeting professors teaching undergraduate and/or graduate-level NWP classes, or professors interested in incorporating NWP into a class curriculum, who would like to learn about the established containerized DTC end-to-end NWP system in order to integrate these technologies into their classroom and computer lab activities. During the workshop, we will provide an overview of the containerized DTC NWP system and participants will be offered the opportunity to have hands-on practice running the DTC containers in the cloud. Discussion will follow on how these capabilities might be customized for an enhanced classroom experience with contributions based on lessons learned from collaborations with previous university programs. An opportunity for professors to network and exchange ideas on how to use this technology to better engage with their students in the NWP learning process will also be provided. 

We hope you will consider registering for this live, virtual workshop that will take place June 7–9, 2021. Previous engagements with universities have shown that the concept can be highly successful and presents a rewarding opportunity that can significantly elevate the students’ experience during the semester. We would welcome the opportunity to foster a connection and engage with a larger number of programs to enhance students' experience and excitement for NWP.

A full agenda will be provided on the event webpage soon. We hope you will consider registering now for this free workshop; details will be communicated to registered participants as they are solidified. Please feel free to share this announcement widely!