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Did you know?: Events and Opportunities

Autumn 2023

Upcoming Events

Attending AGU or AMS and interested in learning more about what the DTC staff are up to?  Check out these presentations!

2023 AGU Annual Meeting

Dec 13 Impact of ensemble design on the development of the Rapid Refresh Forecast System
Dec 14 Improving Earth System Models via Hierarchical System Development
Dec 15 Developmental Testbed Center: Informing Earth System Model Development Through Model Testing and Evaluation Solutions

2024 AMS Annual Meeting 

Jan 29

The Common Community Physics Package: Recent Updates and New Frontiers

Establishing Community Requirements of Hierarchical System Development for Earth System Models

Hierarchical Testing for Improvement of Stochastic and Deterministic Physical Parameterizations within the Unified Forecast System (UFS)

Bring Your Own Python: Extending the METplus Forecast Verification System Capabilities for Users

Improving Earth System Models via Hierarchical System Development

Jan 30

Evaluation of Hurricane Analysis and Forecast System Tropical Cyclone Quantative Precipitation Forecasts

Advanced Testing and Evaluation by the Developmental Testbed Center towards Physics Unification in the UFS

Feb 1 Comparing the Impact of Ensemble Design in the Rapid Refresh Forecast System Using Object-Based Methods

Internship Opportunities

The NCAR Earth System Science Internship (NESSI), hosted by NCAR Education, Engagement & Early-Career Development (EdEC), offers students interested in the Earth system sciences an opportunity to conduct research with NCAR scientists from across all labs on a wide range of topics including but not limited to atmospheric science, computational science, engineering, and solar & space physics. The program is designed to support students and promote Earth system science through research, mentoring, and community building. 

NESSI is accepting applications for the 2024 Summer internships through January 6, 2024. Find more details on the FAQ page.

Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) is an undergraduate to graduate program built around a summer research internship, mentoring by top scientists and engineers, and a supportive learning community. In addition to the summer internship, SOARS includes year-round support, funding to attend conferences and last-dollar tuition scholarships. Successful protégés are eligible to participate in the program for up to four years. SOARS is now accepting applications for its 2024 program through February 1, 2024. Apply here.