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Did you know?: METplus Tutorial Series -- November 2021 to May 2022

Autumn 2021

METplus will be launching a Tutorial Series on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. Participants can join METplus trainers weekly for one-hour online sessions where presentations by subject matter experts will be woven throughout the hands-on training. 

Visit the METplus Training Series website to obtain more information and to register.

NOAA HPCs Hera and Jet will be used for NOAA participants that have access to these platforms. Amazon Web Services Cloud computing will be used for community participants and those at NOAA who do not have access to Hera or Jet. These three systems will have METplus installed and have data necessary for the tutorial series.

It is anticipated that the series will last 16 weeks. It will start with the basics of setting up, configuring, and running METplus then move on to core tools and eventually more advanced topics. Below is just the start.

METplus Tutorial Series, weeks 1 to 4

Can't join us for the live sessions? No worries! All sessions will be made available on the METplus Training Page.

Contributed by Tara Jensen