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Did you know?: UFS Short-range Weather Application Version 1.0 has been released

Spring 2021

The latest Unified Forecasting System (UFS) application to be released is the Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application, which targets predictions of atmospheric behavior on a limited spatial domain and on time scales from less than an hour out to several days.

The SRW Application version 1.0 includes a prognostic atmospheric model, pre- and post-processing, and a community workflow for running the system end-to-end. Specific configurations of the release (e.g. model resolutions, domain location, and physics options) are documented and supported through an online forum.  

The release is available through the GitHub repository.

Future work and releases will include:

  • A more extensive set of supported developmental physics suites.
  • A larger number of predefined domains/resolutions and a fully supported capability to create a user-defined domain.
  • Inclusion of data assimilation capability.
  • A verification package integrated into the workflow.
  • Stochastic perturbations techniques.
Contributed by Jamie Wolff