Software Release: METplus version 3.0, MET version 9.0, and METviewer version 3.0

The Model Evaluation Tools (MET) development team at the DTC is pleased to announce the release of a multi-component verification capability called METplus.  It includes METplus version 3.0MET version 9.0 and METviewer version 3.0. METplus contains a suite of Python wrappers and ancillary scripts to enhance the user's ability to quickly set-up and run MET.  METviewer is a database and display system for aggregating and plotting MET output.  Users can now check everything out and build through the METplus GitHub repository.  

METplus 3.0 May Be Obtained on GitHub.

  • Major Enhancements: Integrated build system that downloads METplus wrappers and MET (including dependencies) by running the script. Transition from Python 2 to 3. Reorganization of use-cases into met_tool_wrappers and model_applications (see below). Support for MET Python Embedding. Numerous enhancements to allow for more customization and integration into workflows.
  • Current supported use cases and examples:
    • Simple examples of running met_tool_wrappers: ASCII2NC, CyclonePlotter, EnsembleStat, GridStat, MODE, MTD, PB2NC, PCPCombine, PointStat, RegridDataPlane, SeriesAnalysis, StatAnalysis, TCMPRPlotter, TCPairs, TCStat
    • More complex examples relevant to model_applications: Convection Allowing Models, Ensemble, Marine and Cryosphere, Medium Range, Precipitation, Space Weather, Subseasonal to Seasonal, Tropical Cyclone and Extra-Tropical Cyclone
  • Full details can be found in the release notes.
  • METplus 3.0 Online Tutorial will be released and announced soon.

MET 9.0 Is Available For Download From The MET Users Web Page Or As A Docker Container via Docker Hub.

  • Major Enhancements: Python Embedding: Transition from Python 2 to 3, Added to ASCII2NC, Stat-Analysis, Ensemble-Stat, Series-Analysis, and MTD, Handles user's Python environment. New Tools: Grid-Diag, Point2Grid, TC-Gen, TC-RMW, RMW-Analysis. Other: Binned climatologies and new Ranked Probability Score (RPS) and Distance Map (DMAP) line types. Fortify: Compliance with zero high risk findings.
  • Full details can be found in the release notes.
  • For MET 9.0, please refer to the MET 8.0 Online Tutorial for help getting started.  MET Online Tutorials will be embedded in METplus tutorials in the future.

METviewer 3.0 May Be Obtained On GitHub And Is Available As A Docker Container Via GitHub.

  • Major Enhancements: Support for MET 9.0 output and new date picker. Support to produce the aggregated NBRCTS statistics in the scorecard.
  • Current Plot Templates: Time-Series, Bar, Box, ROC, Reliability, Spread-Skill, Performance and Taylor Diagrams, Rank, PIT, and Relative Position Diagrams, Economic Cost-Loss Diagram, Contour Diagram 
  • Full details can be found in the release notes.

Support For US-Based HPCS

Over the next week, METplus 3.0 and MET 9.0 will be installed on several US-based high performance computing platforms (e.g. Cheyenne, Jet, Hera, WCOSS, and Stampede) to make it more accessible to both the research and operations community.  Please see the list of existing builds.  METviewer is intended to be installed on your local server.