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Did you know?: Instructional Videos for MRW App v1.0 and CCPP

Autumn 2020

The Developmental Testbed Center has developed a set of instructional training videos. Two videos are now available to familiarize the NWP development community with the UFS code and the Medium-Range Weather (MRW) App v1.0.

Three videos are available to familiarize the community with the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP).

  • CCPP Suites introduces the components of Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) suites and explains how to add to, modify, or build a new suite.
  • CCPP-Compliant Parameterizations describes how to make a physics parameterization CCPP-compliant.
  • CCPP: Adding a Variable to a Scheme explains how to add a new variable to an existing CCPP-compliant scheme on the physics-scheme side, as well as on the host side (if using the UFS or CCPP Single Column Model).


UFS MRWeather App
Contributed by Ligia Bernardet and Mike Ek