Software Release: Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v3.0 Release

The Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v3.0 was publicly released in June 2019. The CCPP contains a library of physical parameterizations (CCPP-Physics), and the framework that connects it to host models (CCPP-Framework). In this release, the CCPP has been bundled with the Global Model Test bed (GMTB) Single Column Model (SCM) v3.0.  

The CCPP-Physics is envisioned to contain parameterizations used by NOAA operational models for weather through seasonal prediction timescales, as well as developmental schemes under consideration for upcoming operational implementations. This version contains all parameterizations of the current operational GFS v15 (implemented on June 12, 2019), plus additional developmental schemes. The schemes are grouped in four supported suites described in detail in the CCPP Scientific Documentation (GFS_v15, GFS_v15plus, csawmg, and GSD_v0). The Zhao-Carr microphysics and the GFS_v14 suite are no longer supported.

Five experimental cases are available for use with the GMTB SCM: BOMEX maritime shallow convection, LASSO continental shallow convection, ASTEX stratocumulus-to-cumulus transition, ARM SGP Summer 1997 continental deep convection, and TWP-ICE maritime deep convection.

For access to the code and data, please visit the CCPP website at, where you will find a Users’ Guide, a list of known issues, frequently-asked questions, Technical Documentation, and Scientific Documentation.

For questions or comments about the CCPP, the SCM, and other Global Model Test Bed activities, please contact us at GMTB Help.