Software Release: Announcing UPP V4.0.1 Bug Fix Release

Dear UPP Community,

The Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) is pleased to announce the release of the Unified Post Processor Bug Fix Version 4.0.1.

Significant bug fixes include:

  • FV3GFS processing fix:
    • Modified input format for processing FV3GFS data.
    • Users should use UPPV4.0.1 for all FV3GFS processing. Previous versions are now considered legacy for FV3GFS.
    • Users should use 'binarynemsiompiio' instead of 'binarynemsio' in their run script. The binarynemsio format option will not be supported in the future.
      • Scripts in this release have been modified accordingly.
    • FV3GFS Users should upgrade their workflow to use this release UPPV4.0.1.

  • Update logic for selecting a subset of channels from a satellite sensor in CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f.

Miscellaneous bug fixes include: 

  • Fix typo in wind energy calculation (UPP ID 411) in MDL2AGL.f
  • Fix for TAUX/TAUY calculation in CALTAU.f
  • Fix pname for updraft helicity in post_avblflds.xml
  • Fix incorrect grib codes in RQSTFLD.f for wind shear fields
  • Fix allocation issue for PSFC in SURFCE.f
  • Fix typo for correct iget ID for INSAT 3D in CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f
  • Remove 10 m POT/SPFH for wrf control files - fields not available for WRF

To download this version of the code or to view details about this release including a list of updates, modifications and bug fixes, please visit:

Users can sign up for updates regarding the UPP software package at: We would like to thank contributors from NCEP, the DTC, and from the user community who have contributed to this release.

Please send questions or comments related to the UPP software package to:

This release is the result of the joint efforts of NOAA/NCEP and DTC through the support of NOAA and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Best Regards,

The UPP Team