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Software Release: Release of the MET version 6.0 Verification Package

Software Releases
Summer 2017

The MET development team at the DTC is pleased to announce the release of the MET version 6.0 verification package. It is available for download from the MET Users web page. The MET development team significantly enhanced the run-time performance of a number of tools, enhanced the data and file format capabilities, and added new capabilities for point observations, gridded analyses and tropical cyclone and probabilistic verification. Full details about the changes for this new version can be found in the release notes.

Executables for MET v6.0 are available on several high performance computing platforms (Yellowstone, Jet, Theia and WCOSS).  Paths, modules to load and the paths needed for these installs can be found at the bottom of the MET downloads page.  You simply need to symbolically link to the bin directory and copy the necessary config files to your working directory to use the available executables.

We hope that MET v6.0 enhances your model verification efforts. Please send any comments or questions to

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