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Who's Who: Michelle Harrold

Winter 2016

Growing up in Chicago showed Michelle Harrold how to be an optimist. That happens while you wait for your favorite Cubs to finally win a World Series.

After completing her B.S. in Meteorology from Valparaiso, Michelle moved to Colorado State University for graduate work. She received her M.S. in Atmospheric Science in 2009. By the winter of 2010 she was working as a mesoscale modeler at UCAR. This year Michelle added to her tasks, making time to help with the Global Modeling Test Bed (GMTB).

In her spare time, Michelle loves to be outdoors, including hiking and camping, and skiing, although the latter caused a torn rotator cuff in her first year on the slopes. Michelle says she’d happily join the DTC skydiving club, should it ever start.

As if her DTC duties and active life away from work weren’t keeping Michelle busy enough, she was married in August and purchased a house this fall. And as a dog lover, she’s hoping to add a furry friend to the mix soon as well. Let’s hope Michelle’s active schedule needs to be interrupted next Fall while she roots for her hometown Cubs in the playoffs.