Model Evaluation Tools (MET) | Docker Container for MET 7.0

The Dockerfile used to construct the met-7.0 container can be found in github:

Instructions for installing and running a pre-built docker container for the met-7.0 online tutorial:

  • Install Docker for Mac or Windows 10:
  • Download and install the met-7.0 docker container:


    docker load -i container-met-7.0-tutorial.tar.gz

  • Setup working directory:

    mkdir MET_Tutorial_7.0

    cd MET_Tutorial_7.0

    setenv MET_TUTORIAL_DIR `pwd`

  • Launch a shell in the container:

    docker run --rm -it -v ${MET_TUTORIAL_DIR}/tutorial:/met/met-7.0/tutorial met-7.0 /bin/bash

    cd /met/met-7.0

  • Follow instructions for the met-7.0 online tutorial.