CCPP-SCM Version 4.1

Release Date:

The CCPP-SCM Version 4.1 was released on October 5, 2020.

Release Notes

The Developmental Testbed Center is pleased to announce the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v4.1.0 public release on October 5, 2020. This release contains the three elements of the CCPP: the CCPP-Physics, a library of physical parameterizations, the CCPP-Framework,  an infrastructure  that connects the physics to host models, and the CCPP Single Column Model, a simple host model that employs the CCPP-Physics and CCPP-Framework. A complete list of capabilities associated with the CCPP v4 series can be found here. In this minor release the code has been upgraded for compatibility with Python 3.

Known Issues and Fixes

  1. CCPP Physics physics/GFS_rrtmg_pre.F90. A density calculation uses pressure in the wrong units and is passed into the effective radius calculation for the Thompson microphysics. Affects the Thompson microphysics and suites RRFS_v1alpha and GSD_v1. Preliminary testing shows impacts on the SW radiative fluxes and subsequently temperature. For more information, see the Issue and PR
  2. CCPP Physics physics/module_mp_thompson.F90. Bugs in the formulations of freezing of water drops into graupel/cloud ice, rain collecting snow, and number of aerosols have been identified and are under review. See PR.  Affects the Thompson microphysics and suites RRFS_v1alpha and GSD_v1.
  3. CCPP Physics Scientific Documentation. Namelist variables bl_mynn_edmf_tkeadvect, bl_mynn_edmf_tkeadvect, bl_mynn_edmf_cloudpdf, and bl_mynn_edmf_cloudmix are incorrectly listed and should be bl_mynn_tkeadvect, bl_mynn_tkeadvect, bl_mynn_cloudpdf, and bl_mynn_cloudmix, respectively.