WRF-NMM Users Page

Documentation and Publications Overview

WRF-NMM Technical Note

WRF-NMM Technical Note (February 2010)

  • Descriptions of NMM model equations, discretization, and initialization

User Guides

WRF-NMM User's Guide for Version 3

  • Comprehensive user document
  • Basic instructions for getting started on using the NMM core of WRF, including initialization, model integration, and postprocessing packages
  • Subject to continuous updates

RIP User's Guide

WRF-NMM Tutorial Lectures

Joint ARW and NMM WRF lectures

  • Compilation of lectures presented at the most recent Basic WRF Tutorial

WRF tutorial classes for new users are generally offered twice a year. These consist of lectures on the components of the WRF modeling system, as well as practical sessions providing hands-on experience on using the software. Learn more here.

Additional WRF Documentation

WRF Publication Listing

Collection of WRF Publications

  • Listing of publications related to the WRF Architecture and the two dynamic cores available in the WRF Software Framework