UPP Online Tutorial for UPPV4.1 | Setup and Run > Scripts

The UPP package includes a number of sample scripts for running UPP. These can be found in /UPPV4.1/scripts and includes the following:

  • run_unipost: basic run script for running UPP
  • run_unipostandgrads: basic run script with additional sample code for plotting using the GrADS package
  • run_unipostandgempak: basic run script with additional sample code for plotting using the GEMPAK package
  • run_unipost_frames: run script for model output with more than one time per file (WRF only)
  • run_unipost_gracet: run script for model output with non-zero minutes/seconds (WRF only)
  • run_unipost_minutes: run script for subhourly model output (i.e. 15 minute output) (WRF only)

Run Script User Edits

Each of the run scripts contain a section at the top for all user modified variables, including a description. For this tutorial, we will look at just the basic run script.

1. Set up the basic path variables:

  • TOP_DIR: Top level directory for the UPPV4.1 source code
  • DOMAINPATH: Working directory for the run
  • UNIPOST_HOME: Path to your UPP build directory
  • POSTEXEC: Location of the UPP executables
  • SCRIPTS: Location of the UPP scripts directory (e.g. UPPV4.1/scripts)
  • modelDataPath: Location of your model data to be processed (e.g. wrfprd/)
  • paramFile: Name and location of your wrf_cntrl.parm file which lists desired fields for GRIB1 output
  • txtCntrlFile: Name and location of the postxconfig-NT.txt which is generated from the postcntrl.xml for GRIB2 output (postxconfig-NT-WRF.txt for WRF or postxconfig-GFS.txt for FV3)

2. Specify the dynamic core being run:

  • dyncore: The model core being used (i.e. ARW or FV3 )

3. Specify the format for the input model files and output UPP files:

  • inFormat: Format of the input model data (i.e. netcdf or binarynemsiompiio)
  • outFormat: Format of the output from UPP (grib or grib2)

4. Specify the forecast cycles to be post-processed:

  • startdate: Forecast startdate in YYYYMMDDHH
  • fhr: First forecast hour to be post-processed
  • lastfhr: Last forecast hour to be post-processed
  • incrementhr: Increment (in hours) between forecast files

5. Specify the domains to post-process (used for WRF only):

  • domain_list: List of domains to post-process (e.g. "d01 d02")

6. Set the run command for you system:

  • RUN_COMMAND: System run command for parallel runs (serial builds not available for UPPV4.1).
    • Parallel: mpirun -np N unipost.exe, where N is the number of processors