UPP Online Tutorial for UPPV4.1 | Setup and Run > Run UPP

Before running any of the run scripts, perform the following instructions:

1. cd to the DOMAINPATH directory specified in your run script

2. Make a directory to put the UPP results in:

mkdir postprd

3. Make a directory to put a copy of your control parameter file in:

mkdir parm

Note: For first time users it's advised to run with the default parameter file included with the code release

4. Copy over the relevant control file from UPPV4.1/parm/ to the newly created parm directory:

  • wrf_cntrl.parm for GRIB1
  • postxconfig-NT-WRF.txt (postxconfig-NT-GFS.txt) for GRIB2

5. Edit your control file to reflect the fields and levels you want unipost to output (see details on editing the GRIB1 and GRIB2 control files)

6. Copy over your desired run script from UPPV4.1/scripts/ to the postprd/ directory

7. Edit the run script (see the scripts page for details)

Once these directories are setup and the run script edits are complete, your script can be run interactively from the postprd/ directory by simply typing the the script name on the command line: