UPP Online Tutorial for UPPV4.1 | Installing UPP > Compile UPP

Compile UPP

To compile UPP, enter the following command: 

          ./compile >& compile_upp.log & 

Examine the contents of the compile_upp.log file to verify the build was successful and there were no errors.

Built Executables and Libraries

The exec subdirectory should contain the UPP executable:

  • unipost.exe

The lib subdirectory should contain 2 UPP libraries when compiling with distributed memory:

  • libCRTM.a
  • libxmlparse.a

To remove all built files, as well as the configure.upp, type: 


This action is recommended if a mistake is made during the installation process or a change is made to the configuration or build environment. There is also a clean -a option which will revert back to a pre-install configuration. 

Note: For building UPPV4.1 on operational NCEP machines (hera/jet/wcoss), just type ./compile machine_name (e.g. ./compile hera). This is an option for UPPV4.1 only and will not work for any previous release versions.

Known Issues and Requesting Help

If you encounter problems building UPPV4.1, please: