Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) | FAQ's

First, refer to the documentation on this website. If that doesn't answer your question, then send an email to DTC Help

Yes, the CCPP can be connected to other models, dynamical cores and host applications. Please refer to the CCPP v4 Technical Documentation.

The first step is to make your parameterization CCPP-compliant, as described in the CCPP v4 Technical Documentation. The second step is to conduct tests with your parameterization to see if meets criteria for inclusion in the CCPP. If you are interested in including an innovation in the CCPP, please contact us first at DTC Help.

Yes, the three code repositories are tagged with a release, and you can download the tarfiles for each.
1. Navigate to "Releases" and download the v4.0 tarfile.
2. Un-tar the three files on your local disk.
3. Rename and move the ccpp-framework directory into gmtb-scm-4.0/ccpp/framework
4. Rename and move the ccpp-physics directory into gmtb-scm-4.0/ccpp/physics
5. Continue following the build and install instructions in the Users Guide.