Visitor Projects 2017

Paul Roebber, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
An Adaptive Bayesian Model Combination (BMC) Post Processor for the HRRR-TLE Forecast System, 2017

Bill Gallus, Iowa State University
Use of the CLUE to examine importance of mixed physics in ensembles, 2017

Karina Apodaca, Colorado State University
R20 transition of the GOES-R GLM lightning assimilation capability in GSI for use in NCEP GDAS, 2017

Ting-Chi Wu, Colorado State University
Evaluation of the Newly Developed Observation Operators for Assimilating Satellite Cloud Precipitation Observations in GSI within HWRF system, 2017

Jiang Zhu, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Advanced Data Assimilation Techniques Applied to a Regional High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model in Alaska (HRRR-Alaska), 2017

Noemi Sarkadi, University of Pecs
Towards improving high resolution NWP forecasts of convection using an explicit/ bin microphysics scheme to guide bulk microphysics scheme improvements, 2017

Michael Iacono, Atomspheric and Environmental Research
John Henderson, Atmospheric and Environmental Research
Testing Variations of Exponential-Random Cloud Overlap with RRTMG in HWRF, 2017

Jun Zhang, University of Miami and NOAA/HRD
Evaluating the Impact of Model Physics on HWRF Forecasts of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification, 2017