Mesoscale Modeling Visitor Projects

Noemi Sarkadi, University of Pecs
Towards improving high resolution NWP forecasts of convection using an explicit/ bin microphysics scheme to guide bulk microphysics scheme improvements, 2017

Gretchen Mullendore, University of North Dakota
Mesoscale Model Intercomparison at Convection-Allowing Resolution using MODE, 2015

  • graduate student(s): Mariusz Starzec

Dev Niyogi, Purdue University
Improving WRF Weather Forecast through Enhanced Representation of Cropland-Atmosphere Interactions, 2015

  • graduate student(s): Xing Liu

Istvan Geresdi, University of Pecs
Towards improving representation of convection and MCC longevity in high-resolution WRF and NEMS-NMMB model forecasts, 2014

Rob Fovell, University of California-Los Angeles
Improvements to modeling persistent surface cold pools in WRF, 2012

  • graduate student(s): Travis Wilson

Don Morton, University of Alaska - Fairbanks
Delia Arnold, Technical University of Catalonia / University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Moving The NEMS & NMM-B Into a Broader Community Resource Environment, 2012

Vincent E. Larson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
A generalized parameterization for clouds and turbulence in WRF, 2010

Sarah-Jane Lock, University of Leeds
Cut-Cell Representation of Orography: Exploring an Alternative Method for Dealing with Flows over Steep and Complex Terrain, 2010

Don Morton, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Alaska High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR-AK) - Verification and Study of Model Configuration for Operational Deployment, 2010

Thara Prabhakaran, University of Georgia
The role of low-level jets in the cold air damming events using high resolution Advanced Research WRF model, 2008

Sarah-Jane Lock, University of Leeds
Introduction of terrain-intersecting coordinates into WRF, 2008

Gert-Jan Steeneveld, Wageningen University
Evaluation of WRF model improvements with novel boundary-layer observations: Focus on diurnal cycle and stable boundary layer, 2007

Jeffrey Mirocha, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
New large eddy simulation subfilter turbulence models implemented into the Advanced Research WRF version 3.0, 2007

Mariusz Pagowski, Colorado State University
Implement and evaluate an improved Mellor-Yamada level-2.5 and level-3 turbulence closures in WRF, 2007

Laura Fowler, Colorado State University
Implementation of the two-moment RAMS cloud microphysics in ARW: Comparisons against one-moment closure in WRF, 2007

Semion Sukoriansky, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Implementation of the Quasi-Normal Scale Elimination (QNSE) Model of stably stratified turbulence in WRF, 2007

Craig Epifanio, Texas A&M University
Idealized orographic flow simulations in NMM and ARW, 2007

Peter Bogenschutz, University of Utah
Verification of WRF Experiments Over the Southeast United States, 2005

Dave Dempsey, San Francisco State University
High-Resolution Winter-Season NWP: Preliminary Evaluation of the WRF ARW and NMM Models in the DWFE Forecast Experiment, 2005

Joe Galewsky, University of New Mexico
Quantifying the dependence of convective parameterization activity on horizontal grid spacing in WRF: Preliminary Results, 2005

Bill Gallus, Iowa State University
Study of the impacts of grid spacing and physical parameterizations on WRF simulations of convective system rainfall and morphology, 2005

  • graduate student(s): Isidora Jankov, Eric Aligo

William Gallus, Iowa State University
An investigation of forecast sensitivities to dynamic core and physics during the warm season, 2004

  • graduate student(s): Isidora Jankov

David Dempsey, San Francisco State University
Testing of WRF model configurations, 2004