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Unified Post Processor Software Package

UPP Bug Fix Release Version 3.1.1 (August 22, 2017)

  • Contains most bug fixes posted under V3.1 bug fix page:
  • New code for potential vorticity for ARW
  • Fixed Southern Hemisphere projections
  • Fix for gfortran issues when outputting grib2
  • Fix out of bounds error for MDL2AGL.f runtime failures
  • Fix for deallocating bug in grib1 libraries

The Unified Post Processor Version 3.1 was released September 28, 2016.

Also see 'Known Problems' in this release, which is updated as needed.

UPP Version 3.1 new features, updates and bug fixes

  • New pre-processsing step for xml control file for grib2 output
    • The postcntrl.xml file now must be converted to a "flat file" (postxconfig-NT.txt) for UPP to read in.
    *** Due to the new procedure, V3.1 is not backward compatible with V3.0. See Users Guid for more details. ****
  • Expanded grib2 capabilities including bug fixes and updates

  • Updated library versions. See UPPV3.1/arch/version for details.

  • Synced with NCEP Post v7.3.2

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