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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Version 2.0 was released on November 1, 2012.

UPP Version 2.0 new features, updates and bug fixes

The bulk of the changes to UPP for v2.0 described below are related to syncing the NCEP operational and community distributed versions of UPP.

  • Various unused subroutines removed to support merge of DTC/NCEP versions of post
  • MISCLN and CALHEL were modified to correct a bug that caused post to output 1km helecity with values of 3km helicity when useres only requested 3km helecity output
  • Post was updated to change names for all the subroutines that involve precipitation type derivation. These subroutines are SURFCE and CALWXT*
  • MDL2P was modified to fix a bug that would erroneously output isobaric dew point temperature when users requested Haines Index
  • CLDRAD.f and AVIATION.f were modified to properly bit map out ceiling when instantaneous total could fraction is not available in model output
  • MDLFLD.f was modified to fix a bug in computing transport wind and ventilation rate
  • RQSTFLD.f was modified to add two new variables and also to correct Grib identifiers for NCAR in-flight icing
  • MDLFLD.f was modified to add a new variable VIL
  • FDLVL.f and MISCLN.f were modified to add flight level icing field
  • CTLBLK.f was modified to add 16th flight level at 7010 M
  • Properly zero out convective precipitation rain rate for ARW when it is not available in model output
  • FDLVL was modified to correct how FDL AGL mass fields are computed for B and E grids
  • Minor modification to AVIATION.f to improve if statement structure
  • Bug fixes were made to CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f to correct kind types of arguments used for calling snfrac
  • Changes were made to CALCAPE.f to fix a rare occurence of out of bound referencing for temperature
  • changes were made to compute gust using Richardson number derived PBL height for all models
  • INITPOST_BIN_MPIIO.f was modified to read CWM properly
  • Changes were made to AVIATION.f to fill in the gap at 0 meridian for global aviation products
  • Changes were made to INITPOST_NMM.f to identify grid type
  • Minor changes were made to CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f to specify main land type to snow (rather than land) at the grid points identified as permanent ice/snow even after snow melted in the summer
  • Bug fixes were made to SNFRAC.f to compute snow fractions properly for new IGBP veg type
  • Changes were made to SURFCE.f to use index 116 to output Soil T for all LSMs
  • Bug fix was made to subroutine AVIATION.f for out-of-bound referencing when computing CAT for A grid
  • The subroutines MDL2AGL.f, CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f, and CALGUST.f were modified to use new U10H/V10H for B and E grids
      The above 10 m wind changes will change the following variables when post processing NMMB and NMME: 10 m U/V, gust, transport U/V, 0-2000 Ft LLWS
  • The subroutines MDL2AGL.f, CALRAD_WCLOUD_newcrtm.f, and CALGUST.f were modified to use new U10H/V10H for B and E grids
  • CLDRAD.f was modified to fix out of bound referencing for do loop 373
  • INITPOST_NMM.f was modified to initialize u10/v10 to missing values
  • Add serial support for new MPI routines called to wrfmpi_stubs
  • Remove dependency in typeset from scripts/run_unipost* - not cross platform compliant
  • Convert scripts/run_unipost* and src/unipost/gribit.F to return to 2 or 3 digit fhr in output filename
  • Remove serial binary support
  • Rename surface runoff variable to SSROFF in INIPOST*
  • Add support of CRTM ssmis_f17 coefficient files
  • Correct boundary condition when computing zcldtop in CLDRAD.f
  • Add conditional around print statement in MISCLN.f to avoid failure due to unallocated structure
  • MDL2P.f - correct 3rd index to O3 array to avoid out of bounds error
  • INITPOST* set SLDPTH based on model
  • INITPOST_NMM use START_DATE rather than SIMULATION_START_DATE for compliance with EMC
  • Upgrade SIGIO library to level compatible with EMC code
  • Correction of : computational code assumes Z dimension to increase with pressure data flip from model output was not done for ARW binary data
  • Fix for serial no nest build (!RSL_LITE) in WRF
  • Change tile definition to allow MPI runs on LINUX machines