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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Version 1.1 was released on April 6, 2012.

UPP Version 1.1 new features, updates and bug fixes

  • Updated computation of GOES products - fixing several code bugs and upgrading for operation HWRF
  • Updated subroutine declarations to compile with gcc-cfortran 4.6.0
  • Fixed Makefile for compilation of sp library routine splat.F and ncpus.F
  • Fixed collection MPI call, failed to have correct CENLAT for all processes
  • Fixed w3fi63.f for little endian - error occurred in copygb when remapping (205->0)
  • Fixed software hang by using bacio.v1.4.c with correction for parameter passing
  • Corrected time stamp error in output when forecast time is hourly and exceeds 256 hours in duration
  • Removed non referenced files, use link for INITPOST_NMM_BIN_MPIIO routine
  • IBM preprocessor flag corrrection
  • Cleaned up unused variables in several routines
  • removeed hardcoded array prints to variable dependent on domain size to avoid SEGV
  • changed INITPOSTs to use SIMULATION_START_DATE rather than operational START_DATE value
  • Added read of RSWIN, RSWOUT for ARW netCDF
  • Corrected reference to JASPER libs
  • Updated scripts with correction to wrf_cntrl.parm
  • Added HWRF variables (MDLTAUX and MDLTAUY)
  • Added read for mp_physics and cu_physics in all INITPOSTs
  • Corrected ARW reference for SEAICE
  • Changed malloc.h to stdilb.h in bacio c routines for better cross platform conformity