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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Version 3.1 was released September 28, 2016.

A bug fix package UPPV3.1.1 is now available on the download page and contains bug fix routines listed below

UPP Version 3.1

Runtime failure: glibc detected double free or corruption

Problem: An array may be written beyond its allocated space, resulting in an error in the deallocation call. Failure error may read "glibc detected double free or corruption." This is an issue only for grib1 output, grib2 is not affected.

Solution: The allocation of the array is expanded in the attached routine to avoid the run-time failure. Download the new routine w3fi72.f.alloc_fix, copy to UPPV3.1/src/lib/w3nco/w3fi72.f. Clean and recompile.

No Potential Vorticity output for WRF-ARW

Problem: A recent update inadvertently removed the ability to output PVORT for WRF-ARW.

Solution: Download the new MDL2THANDPV.f.fix to UPPV3.1/src/unipost, rename it to MDL2PVANDTH.f. Clean (./clean< /strong>) and recompile (./compile) under UPPV3.1/.

Runtime error in MDL2AGL.f for some compilers

Problem: Array out of bounds issues causes runtime failure for certain compilers.

Solution: Download the new MDL2AGL.f.fix to UPPV3.1/src/unipost, rename it to grib2_module.f. Clean (./clean< /strong>) and recompile (./compile) under UPPV3.1/.

Bug for processing grib2 fields using gfortran compiler

Problem: Run will seg fault when trying to process grib2 fields if compiled with gfortran.

Solution: Download the updated file: grib2_module.f, copy to UPPV3.1/src/unipost, clean, and recompile.

Cloud fields unreasonable with PGI complier

Problem: Low, midddle, and high cloud cover fields are incorrect when running UPP compiled with PGI. Fields appear streaked and with unreasonable values.

Solution: Work is underway to identify a fix. In the meantime, users can compile with gfortrn or Intel where fields have been confirmed to be valid.

Projection Issues in Southern Hemisphere

Problem: A bug was reintroduced into the grib libraries that causes errors in the grid projections in Southern Hemisphere.

Solution: A fix file for known problems (Lambert and Mercator projections) are provided here. w3fi74.f.SP-fix.

Number of soil layers hard coded to 9 for RUC LSM

Problem: The number of soil layers are hard coded to 9 for the RUC LSM since that is what is used operationally.

Solution: If using 6 soil layers for a WRF run with RUC LSM, modify the WRFPOST.f routine to change 9 to 6. Search "RUC LSM" to find the two instances.

Potential Vorticity not output for ARW

Problem: Recent updates have accidently excluded ARW data from producing potential vorticity fields.

Solution: Work is underway to provide the correct potential vorticity field from ARW data. Check back for updates.

Grid definition incorrect for NMM

Problem: The initialization routine for NMM has not been updated to output correct grid projection values.

Solution: A new INITPOST_NMM.f file with valid grib2 grid description will be provided when available.

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