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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Version 2.1 was released on April 18, 2013.

UPP Version 2.1

Compiling with PGI - occassional erratic behavior (posted 5/6/13)

Problem: PGI compile fails using mpif90 with "f90: command not found"

Solution: Use provided configure.defaults.pgi file

From main UPPv2.1 directory:
> cd arch
> mv configure.defaults configure.defaults.save
> mv configure.defaults.pgi configure.defaults

Go up one directory, to main UPPv2.1 directory:
> cd ..
> ./clean
> ./configure
> ./compile > compile_post.log

Compiling with PGI v12.5 (posted 4/22/13)

Problem: Due to a bug in PGI v12.5, UPP does not successfully compile when using that version of PGI

Solution: Compile with a different version of PGI

Reading binary output from WRF (posted 4/18/13)

Problem: Neither binary or binarympiio string supported on little-endian machines for reading binary output from WRF

Solution: Use NetCDF on little-endian machines

Environment variables when running in parallel mode
(posted 4/6/12)

Problem: When running dmpar on some platforms the output name from envvars is not accepted

Solution: A fix for this will be posted as soon as one becomes available

Running on MacOS (posted 4/6/12)

Specify the correct CPP=cpp (not /lib/cpp) in the arch/configure.defaults you use

Remove "LDFLAGS=" value only (-noinhibit-exec) in the arch/configure.defaults you use

Modify configure script line 148 from os=`uname` to os=uname

Watch for non case sensitivity - this will cause errors with preprocessor (.F -> .f)