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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Version 1.1 was released on April 6, 2012.

UPP Version 1.1

UPP incorrectly produces zeroes for hydrometeor fields when using ARW/binary with Ferrier physics (posted 6/12/12)

Problem: Computational code assumes Z dimension to increase with pressure, data flip from model output was not done for ARW binary data.

Solution: Download INITPOST_BIN_MPIIO.f to UPPV1.1/src/unipost and recompile (./compile) under UPPV1.1/.

UPP compiled with WRF serial-no nest build (posted 4/20/12)

Problem: WRF compiled serially with no nesting (i.e., nesting option = 0) does not build the RSL_LITE library, which is necessary in the UPP compilation.

Solution: Download Config.pl and makefile files.
Create a backup of original configuration file:
    mv UPPV1.1/arch/Config.pl  UPPV1.1/arch/Config.pl.orig
Place Config.pl download file in arch/:
    mv Config.pl  UPPV1.1/arch/Config.pl
Create backup of original unipost makefile:
    mv UPPV1.1/src/unipost/makefile  UPPV1.1/src/unipost/makefile.orig
Place makefile download file in src/unipost:
    mv makefile  UPPV1.1/src/unipost/makefile
From UPPV1.1/:
    ./clean (or ./clean -a)
    ./configure (must be serial build to match WRF build)

Running UPP on multiple processors (posted 4/6/12)

Problem: UPP can be compiled either serial or parallel (dmpar); however, it will not currently run on more than one processor on non-IBM platforms.

Solution: Users can still use mpich to run UPP, however, you must set the number processors (-np) equal to 1.

Reading binary output (posted 4/6/12)

Problem: binarympiio is not current supported on little-endian machines.

Solution: Only binary (not binarympiio) is supported in the itag file on littl-endian machines at this time.

Environment variables when running in parallel mode
(posted 4/6/12)

Problem: When running dmpar on some platforms the output name from envvars is not accepted.

Solution: A fix for this will be posted as soon as one becomes available.

Running on MacOS (posted 4/6/12)

Specify the correect CPP=cpp (not /lib/cpp) in the arch/configure.defaults you use.

Remove "LDFLAGS=" value only (-noinhibit-exec) in the arch/configure.defaults you use.

Modify configure script line 148 from os=`uname` to os=uname

Watch for non case sensitivity - this will cause errors with preprocessor (.F -> .f).