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Unified Post Processor Software Package

The Unified Post Processor Beta Version 0.5 was released on April 6, 2011.

UPP Beta Version 0.5

Problem with run_unipost script (posted 5/2/11)

Problem: The scripts/run_unipost script leaves you at the $ prompt indefinitely when you execute it. The first line of the file which should define the shell within which the script should run is missing a "#!". This puts the user in the named shell without running the script, until the shell is terminated. Which will then run the script in the shell of the command window.

Solution: Change scripts/run_unipost line 1 from:

Running UPP on NCAR IBM (posted 4/14/11)

Problem: UPP crashes with an index out of range error when running on the NCAR IBM due to the use of two functions from the ESSL library, which are not supported as used on this platform.

Solution: The fix is to replace these ESSL library functions with the search routine already used on other platforms that did not support these functions. In order to apply the fix the following steps must be taken:

  1. Run ./clean script in your top-level UPP directory
  2. cd src/unipost
  3. DELETE 2 files:
    • rm GFSPOST.F
    • rm rsearch.F
  4. Copy in new GFSPOST.f and rsearch.f
  5. Return to your top-level UPP directory (cd ../..)
  6. ./configure
  7. ./compile

Running UPP on multiple processors (posted 4/6/11)

Problem: UPP can be compiled either serial or parallel (dmpar), however, it will not currently run on more than one processor

Solution: Users can still use mpich to run UPP, however, you must set the number processors (-np) equal to 1. We will work to fix this problem in the UPP v1.0 release.

Debug compile flags (posted 4/6/11)

Problem: Currently, compile debug options are enabled in all builds. This may make the code compile and run slowly.

Solution: If this is unacceptable, remove the ${FDEBUG} on the FFLAG and FFLAG_CRTM lines of the arch/configure.defaults file.