UPP Users Page

UPP Overview

As shown below, the UPP consists of two major components:

  • COPYGB (grib1 only)


This component perfoms the bulk of the post processing. Its functions include:

  • Vertical interpolation from model levels/surfaces to isobaric, height, and other levels/surfaces
  • Computing diagnostics from model data such as CAPE, relative humidity, radar reflectivities, etc.
  • Destaggers wind onto mass points for ARW.


This component handles modifications to the grid for GRIB1 data only. It is necessary to run copygb for NMM and NMMB model data, but is not required for ARW model data. The key features of COPYGB are:

  • Performs horizontal interpolation to a defined output grid.
  • Destaggers NMM and NMMB model data.
  • Creates output on a grid different than that of the model integration. e.g. Lambert -> Lat-Lon
  • GRIB1 data format only

Plotting and Visualization

The UPP package contains some sample visualization scripts to create graphics using either GrADS or GEMPAK. These are not part of the UPP installation and need to be installed separately if one would like to use either plotting package. More information can also be found in Features Section

(For more details, see UPP User's Guide.)