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The Unified Post Processor Version 3.2 was released December 13, 2017.

UPP Version 3.2

Error compiling with gfortran

Problem: Users may encounter an error when compiling the INITPOST_NETCDF.f routine with gfortran. While this routine is not used to run community UPP, it will result in a failure to build the unipost.exe executable.

Solution: A bug fix for this issue was patched into the V3.2 code base immediately after the release. If you encounter this error, please re-download the UPPV3.2 release and that will contain the fix.

Error using wgrib2 utility

Problem: An error message will result when using the most recent version of the wgrib2 utility on files for forecast zero that contain accumulated or time averaged fields:

*** FATAL ERROR: Statistical processing bad n=0 ***

This is because newer versions of the wgrib2 utility no longer allow for n parameter to be zero or empty (www.ftp.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/wd51we/wgrib2/tricks.wgrib2).

Solution: Users should consider using separate control file (postcntrl.xml / postxconfig-NT.txt) for forecast hour zero that does not include accumulated or time averaged fields, since they are zero anyway. Users can also continue to use an older version of wgrib2.

Runtime failure: glibc detected double free or corruption

Problem: An array may be written beyond its allocated space, resulting in an error in the deallocation call. Failure error may read "glibc detected double free or corruption." This is an issue only for grib1 output, grib2 is not affected.

Solution: The allocation of the array is expanded in the attached routine to avoid the run-time failure. Download the new routine w3fi72.f.alloc_fix, copy to UPPV3.1/src/lib/w3nco/w3fi72.f. Clean and recompile.

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