Removal of Content Advisory - April 2024

Advisory to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) containers users: As of the beginning of April 2024, all support assets for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) containers will be removed from the DTC website. Users should download all reference materials of interest prior to April 2024.

NWP Containers Online Tutorial | Software Containers > METviewer Database and Display

Once verification scores for each valid time have been computed in the MET container, the METviewer database can be loaded and the user interface can be launched in your web-browser to compute summary statistics and display them. There are two options for establishing the image from which the software container will be instantiated.  Please follow the appropriate section below that fits your needs.

Option 1: Pull the dtcenter/metviewer image from Docker Hub

If you do not want to build the image from scratch, simply use the prebuilt image by obtaining the tar file and loading it.

cd ${PROJ_DIR}
docker pull dtcenter/nwp-container-metviewer:${PROJ_VERSION}

If you followed all the instructions up to this point in the tutorial, the output should look similar to this:

docker images
dtcenter/wps_wrf 3.5.1 9b2f58336cf9 3 hours ago 3.22GB
dtcenter/nwp-container-met 3.5.1 9e3d0e924a30 3 hours ago 5.82GB
dtcenter/upp 3.5.1 82276dfccbc3 4 hours ago 3.36GB
dtcenter/nwp-container-metviewer 3.5.1 f2095355127f 4 hours ago 2.8GB
dtcenter/python 3.5.1 7ea61e625dff 4 hours ago 1.28GB
dtcenter/gsi   3.5.1 c6bebdbfb674 5 hours ago 2.88GB

Option 2: Build the dtcenter/metviewer image from scratch

To access the METviewer database and display system from the Git repository and build the verification software from scratch, first go to your project space where you cloned the repository:

cd ${PROJ_DIR}/container-dtc-nwp/components

and then build an image called dtcenter/metviewer:

cd metviewer/METviewer ; docker build -t dtcenter/nwp-container-metviewer:${PROJ_VERSION} . ; cd ../..

This command goes into the metviewer/METviewer directory and reads the Dockerfile directives. Please review the contents of the metviewer/METviewer/Dockerfile for additional information.

To see what images you have available on your system, type:

docker images

Option 3: Pull the dtcenter/metviewer Docker Hub image and convert it to a Singularity image

If you are using Singularity rather than Docker, the commands are similar:

cd ${PROJ_DIR}
singularity pull docker://dtcenter/nwp-container-metviewer-for-singularity:${PROJ_VERSION}

Unlike Docker, Singularity does not keep track of available images in a global environment; images are stored in image files with the .sif extension. Use the `ls` command to see the image file you just downloaded

ls -al *.sif


-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user  758505472 Sep 29 20:55 gsi_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user 1045712896 Sep 29 21:34 nwp-container-met_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user 1045712896 Sep 29 21:34 nwp-container-metviewer-for-singularity_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user  646881280 Sep 29 21:28 python_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user 1224183808 Sep 29 21:04 upp_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif
-rwxr-xr-x 1 ec2-user ec2-user  879349760 Sep 29 20:49 wps_wrf_${PROJ_VERSION}.sif