MET Online Tutorial

MET Online Tutorial for METv3.0

Introduction: Data Formats

Forecast Data

MET is designed to verify gridded forecast products. The gridded forecast data MET reads generally begins in either GRIB1 format or as the NetCDF output of the WRF-ARW p_interp tool (new for METv3.0). If rebinning of accumulation intervals is required, the PCP-Combine tool can convert the input gridded data into a NetCDF format that can be used in the statistical verification tools (Point-Stat, Grid-Stat, Wavelet-Stat, Ensemble-Stat, and MODE).

Each of the MET statistical verification tools can read GRIB1, the NetCDF output of p_interp, or the NetCDF output of the PCP-Combine tool directly.

Users may choose to reformat their gridded data from some other format to the intermediate NetCDF format used by the PCP-Combine tool for use with MET. This supported NetCDF format is somewhat limited in version 3.0 but will be generalized to support CF-Compliant NetCDF files in future versions. Also, support for GRIB2 will be added in future versions.

Point Observations

Point observations used in MET may either be in PrepBufr format (converted to NetCDF in PB2NC) or in ASCII format (converted to NetCDF in ASCII2NC). The NetCDF output of PB2NC and ASCII2NC is used as input to Point-Stat.

Gridded Analyses

Gridded analyses can be used for model evaluation in MET. The same data formats listed above for forecast data are supported here.