GMTB Utilities and Diagnostics


A wide spectrum of physics innovations are under development in the research community that have the potential to positively impact operational NWP. In order to make evidence-based decisions, these new advancements need to be thoroughly tested and vetted. As part of the GMTB's common testing infrastructure, a number of tools are actively being developed and made available to the modeling community to better facilitate the development and testing of operational and advanced physics parameterizations. These process-oriented diagnostic tools can offer in-depth insight on strengths and weaknesses of physics parameterizations.

The GMTB has created a Git repository for housing utilities and diagnostics to better aid the community in testing and evaluating physics innovations as part of a common infrastructure. The inventory of available tools is kept up-to-date. While the GMTB is an active contributor to the repository, community contributions are strongly encouraged. By having wide-spread community participation, a more diverse set of tools will be available to fellow model developers and evaluators.