Community GSI Users Page

GSI Helpdesk

The GSI helpdesk is an email assistance service to provide user support. Questions regarding the GSI system should be directed to:

New in 2016: The DTC is transitioning to a new ticketing system for the GSI helpdesk. The email address for the helpdesk has been changed. Please use this email for any future inqueries.

Please note the GSI helpdesk will only response to the questions from registered GSI users, based on the policy. To become a registered user, please go through the GSI system dowload page.


If you have a question regarding the GSI, please first check to see if your question is answered in the GSI documentation, the list of known issues, or the FAQs section.

If you would like to report a problem, you may send an email to, making use of the subject line to indicate the issue. If you have received an error message in attempting to compile and run the system software, please include it in the email.

For compilation problems, return the code to the original state (e.g. by typing clean -a in the top level GSI code directory or begin with a new tar file), configure and compile again, save the compilation output to a file, and send it in the email.

For run-time problems, locate the error messages, and include them in the email. Please include the running script used as well.


If significant help was provided via the GSI helpdesk for work resulting in a publication, please acknowledge the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) Data Assimilation Team and/or please refer to the DTC GSI Community effort (Citation).