Common Community Physics Package (CCPP)

CCPP Code Management

This section describes the code management for development of physical parameterizations for inclusion in the CCPP. The goals of software configuration management are to foster community involvement, experimentation, and model improvement to accelerate R2O in atmospheric physical parameterizations -- in particular, to streamline the transfer of research and development in atmospheric physical parameterizations to NCEP operations. To accomplish these goals, the code management for CCPP will follow best practices in software configuration management by:

  • Promoting accessible, documented, robust, and portable code.
  • Avoiding duplication of code.
  • Maintaining and synchronizing code changes while minimizing labor and errors and maximizing security.
  • Minimizing the number of software repositories required by using a shared common repository for development where feasible. New development can be managed using forks and branches with the understanding of a common authoritative source (master/trunk) and a procedure for integrating new development into the source repository. This approach utilizes the strengths of configuration management tools, while minimizing the work and risk involved in maintaining duplicate repositories.

The CCPP code management process will also provide an environment for individuals or teams developing, implementing and testing innovations in physics parameterizations. The developers will utilize the software repository to maintain a fork and branch containing their innovations, while also staying synchronized with other developments through frequent updates. When the new development is ready for consideration, the code development process described in the next sections will be used to incorporate the new development into the baseline capability.

The remainder of the section is as follows:

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