Hurricane WRF Users Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get help if my questions are not answered in the User's Guide?

A: First, refer to the documentation on this website. If that doesn't answer your question, then write to HWRF helpdesk.

Q: How do I get data for running HWRF?

A: Please refer to our data FAQ.

Q: Can I run HWRF without the GFS ensemble?

A: Yes. The GFS ensemble is used as input to GSI during data assimilation. When the GFS ensemble is available, GSI runs in ensemble-variational hybrid data assimilation mode and uses flow-dependent information to create the background error covariance matrix. Conversely, when the GFS ensemble is not available, GSI uses the previously generated static background error covariance.

Q: What modules and settings are required to build and run on cheyenne?

A: Please refer to the HWRF v4.0 Users Guide (Appendix B: Example of Computational Resources and Notes for NCAR-Cheyenne) for recommended modules and resources to run on Cheyenne.

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