Hurricane WRF Developers Page

Support for Developers

Other sources for HWRF information:

  • The Community HWRF Documentation for HWRF contains many details about the various components, settings, and other general information.
  • A wiki for the HWRF Python scripts can be found here.

Python Training Slides -- College Park, MD, Jan. 22, 2016:

Audio/visual recording: MP4

Python Training Slides -- Miami, Nov. 20, 2015:

Training slides:

  • HWRF Code Development (C. Holt, September 22, 2014): PDF
  • HWRF Development Process (L. Bernardet, October 8, 2014): PDF
  • EMC Rocoto Training (S. Trahan, October 16, 2014): WEB
  • DTC Rocoto Training (C. Holt, October 2014): PDF

Email and contacts:

  • For general discussion with HWRF Developers:
  • For general help:

For questions about the EMC GSI repository contact J. Derber at

The HWRF Developers Committee members are:

NAME Organization Email Address
Evan Kalina DTC
Kathryn Newman DTC
Vijay Tallapragada NCEP/EMC
Zhan Zhang NCEP/EMC

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