Tutorial - Version 3 | Data Containers

Static and initialization data

Two types of datasets will need to be available on your system to run WPS and WRF. The first is a static geographical dataset that is interpolated to the model domain defined by the geogrid program in WPS. The second is model initialization data that is also processed through WPS and the real.exe program to supply initial and lateral boundary condition information at the start and during the model integration.

Additionally, a data container for GSI data assimilation will be needed, containing CRTM coefficient files.

Information on how to build data containers for the WPS/GSI static data and for three real-data cases can be found within the end-to-end NWP container project (container-dtc-nwp) and will be detailed through this tutorial. If a user has access to datasets on their local machine, they can also point to that data when running the containers.