UPP User Release Version 1.0

Release Date:

The UPP User Release Version 1.0 was released on July 15, 2011.

Release Notes

The Unified Post Processor Version 1.0 was released on July 15, 2011.

UPP Version 1.0 new features, updates and bug fixes (since UPP beta version 0.5)

  • Known Problem: Modified rsearch.f and GFSPOST.f to use search functions based on compile flag to avoid link error on NCAR IBM for unresolved files
  • Known Problem: Fixed missing #! in run_unipost
  • Added capability to generate simulated microwave products
  • Added updraft helicity fields
  • Corrected indexing of cloud bottom pressure
  • Fixed the scan mode flag for ARW to be S to N (64 rather than 0)
  • Removed default to debug compile; Added FLAG option for debug
  • Modified wrf_cntrl.parm file to include more UPP output fields and removed negative SCAL values, which are more prone to error
  • For size considerations, trimmed CRTM2 coefficients and added a README file to the identify changes
  • Made updates to use the same make utility defined in arch/postamble in all makefiles
  • Change libraries (ip, sp, w3, bacio), ndate, and copygb to be serial with all compile options to be consistent with the fact that these are all serial codes.
  • Fixed GrADS and GEMPAK run_upp* sample scripts to work properly when plotting accumulated precipitation

Acknowledgments: This new release was made possible through a collaborative effort between NCEP, DTC, and community users. We would like to thank the beta testers of UPP for their assistance.